Please choose your formal version of the licenses plus the accompanying FAQ

Please choose your formal version of the licenses plus the accompanying FAQ

But we observe that this unofficial translation will help people and developers unfamiliar with English in order to comprehend the SIL OFL better and also make it easier to utilize and discharge font people under this collaborative font concept unit. We motivate makers exactly who start thinking about releasing their particular production within the OFL to see the FAQ in their vocabulary in case it is readily available. “

2) Keep your unofficial interpretation latest and update they at our consult if needed, escort girl Irvine for example, if you will find any ambiguity which could induce misunderstandings.

In the event that you beginning these types of a unofficial interpretation energy of OFL and its accompanying FAQ please inform us, thanks a lot.

Utilising the OFL

Truly simple and easy to utilize the OFL for your own personal font project. If you find yourself the copyright owner you only have to do the following:

  • Place your copyright and Reserved Font brands info at the beginning of the key OFL.txt file rather than the specific placeholders (marked making use of the <> characters). Add this file within release package.
  • Place your copyright laws together with OFL text with your selected Reserved Font Name(s) into your font files (the copyright and license areas). A web link with the OFL text regarding OFL webpage is a reasonable (but not recommended) approach. Include this info to any more hardware (create programs, glyph sources, documents, test data files, etc). Precise metadata in your font data files is helpful for your requirements as a growing many programs are exposing this information into the individual. Including, clickable hyperlinks brings customers back into your internet site and inform them about more jobs you really have finished or service you supply. With respect to the format of your own fonts and root, you can utilize template human-readable headers or machine-readable metadata. Its also wise to double-check that there surely is no conflicting metadata for the font by itself contradicting the permit, such as the fstype parts into the os2 desk or areas in the title desk.
  • Write a preliminary FONTLOG.txt for your font and can include it into the launch package (read point 6 and Appendix an associated with the OFL-FAQ for information like a template).
  • Include the related practical records in the permit adding the existing OFL-FAQ.txt document within package.
  • If you wish, you can use the OFL layouts on your web page.


2009-04-06 – OFL recognized as conforming with the OSD (Open Source meaning) by the OSI panel and added to their unique a number of accepted licenses.

2006-03-18 – a revision of the OFL inserted the review stage. OFL-1.1-review1 had been with OFL-1.1-review2 a couple of months afterwards.

People analysis

Amongst the OFL was a student in a general public assessment phase, with efforts going towards type 1.1. We chosen many reviewers we sensed comprise the relevant specialist and desired her feedback. We published all of our draft for evaluation and obtained very informative feedback.

The evaluation cycle is over and though we believe variation 1.1 will probably meet the requirements for open font licensing for quite a while, we remain available to area opinions. Be sure to e mail us together with your queries and pointers.

Different font-related BoFs (Birds of a Feather meetings) have taken location at FLOSS summit (like Libre Graphics Meeting, Ubuntu Summit, GUAong people) to go over what would be needed to improve the font landscaping. One essential element ended up being appropriate licensing in the fonts, flexibility to keep up and branch fonts without breaking making, interoperability across distributions, and definition of a core group of fonts with acknowledged glyph top quality, sufficient Unicode insurance and a good community-recognized licenses. The OFL has been identified by numerous contributors these types of conversation as a great choice for those problems.

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